NACOM'S PTFE TEFLON NITROGEN GUNS deliver the optimum in anti-corrosion protection and long lasting duty  wherever harsh chemicals  are used  in the vicinity of n2 dispensing / drying. ptfe nitrogen guns ptfe n2 guns

Manufactured  of PTFE and POLY and the resist acid fume attack. More over our n2 guns unique design eliminates costly nitrogen leaks.

N2 GUNS are available  individually or in assemblies with our popular polyethylene coiled hose.

3 Body styles to choose from

  • NA N2 1       Standard straight style with body.  Basic design  includes 1 ea .45 micron disposable / replaceable filter cartridge. 

  • NA N2 2       Rear Trigger pistol style body. Includes 1 ea .45 micron disposable  / replaceable filter cartridge.

  • NA N2 3       Front Trigger pistol style body. Includes 1 ea .45 micron disposable, replaceable filter cartridge.

N2 GUNS With Polyurethanene coiled hoses

NA N2 1000              Standard body N2 gun (NA-N2-1)with coiled hose assembly jaco ftgs

NA-N2 2000             Rear Trigger Pistol body(NA-N2-2) gun with coiled hose assembly, jaco   ftgs

NA-N2 3000             Front  Trigger Pistol body (NA-N2-3) gun with coiled hose assembly, 

                               jaco ftgs 

GUNS ALONE or with Coiled hose assembly

NACOMS PTFE NITROGENS GUNS are sold individually or with Polyethylene coiled hose , Jaco Polypropylene Male connector fittings.

nacom n2 gun catalog page

Nacoms PTFE NITROGEN GUNS Catalog page24 & 28  for download